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About us

Our Mission


TReX was established in 2014 by David, Terry and Antonella to give shape to their many dreams, all revolving around a shared love for birds of prey and passion for environmental conservation.

Our goals are to further public knowledge and understanding of birds and their ecology, and to raise awareness for the challenges they face with in an increasingly developed world that is progressively encroaching on their habitats.


The best way to achieve such goals, in our opinion, is to offer up-close and personal encounters with birds of prey that allow the public to observe them as they display many of their natural behaviors. Through such encounters we believe our programs' participants will gain an intimate empathy for raptors and a personally relevant understanding of their role in the environment we share.

Our Team
Terry, Total Raptor Experience

Terry Lockwood has been working with animals all her life, and she just can't live without them. She has been a bird rehabilitator since 1996, and has worked as an avian ecology and conservation educator since 2009. She loves all her furry, scaled, and feathered friends, but birds of prey are her favorites. A Master Falconer, she has trained and flown many species of hawks and falcons for falconry, education, abatement, and exhibition. An enthusiastic and knowledgable speaker, Terry loves sharing her passion for birds of prey with everyone, especially kids, for whom she presents programs in schools throughout the county.

Antonella, Total Raptor Experience

Antonella Zampolli moved to California from her native Italy in 2005 to work in biomedical research. In San Diego, she learned to fly paragliders, captivated by the unique sense of freedom and unity with nature offered by free flight. Once aloft, she started looking at birds with different eyes, and began her falconer training to be able to work with birds of prey. As a falconer and a scientist, she is acutely aware of the threat posed to wildlife by disappearing habitat, and believes that education through personal experience is the most effective tool to raise awareness for the cause of conservation. 

Dave, Total Raptor Experience

David grew up in Montana spending as much time as possible immersed in nature. He first learned to soar in a hang glider at the age of 11. He later moved to San Diego to pursue his two passions, biology and free flight. He believes conservation goals are best met through activities that offer people an emotional connection to animals and the environment. David has a PhD in Biology and 35 years of free flying experience. He is a certified master and tandem paragliding pilot. He is dedicated to bringing people closer to birds through direct experience of avian ecology - soaring through the sky in unpowered aircraft, side by side with trained raptors.

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