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Total Raptor eXperience 
Falconry School - Interactive Raptor Encounters

Get up close and personal with our raptors. We offer group and private experiences with falcons and hawks in La Jolla, and private encounters with owls in Ramona.

Falconry Experiences in La Jolla 

Learn to hold our trained falcons and hawks on a falconry glove, then release them to the sky and see them come back to you from a soaring flight. Enjoy their aerobatic skills in simulated hunting exercises and learn about falconry, the oldest sport in history. Group Experiences have a maximum of 12 participants and are offered from Thursday to Sunday. Private Experiences are offered Wednesday to Sunday. All experiences last between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on our birds' desires. Find a class on our online calendar or learn more about our La Jolla Experiences here.

Owl Experiences in Ramona

Meet our owls and find out about their amazing superpowers! A friendly encounter with a Barn Owl and an Eurasian Eagle Owl that will have you and your kids squeal with joy. Learn more about their ecology and conservation and have your picture taken with them. Our Private Owl Experiences are available Wednesday to Sunday, and last 45min to 1 hour Please note, only participants are allowed on premises. Explore our calendar or learn more about our Ramona Owl Experiences here.