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Born to fly: why our raptors love the cliffs at La Jolla

Raptors, like all animals, must eat to survive. But the calorie balance works both ways - gotta burn 'em to earn 'em. Raptors find and catch their food by flying… normally a high calorie exercise. To save calories, birds of prey seek rising air currents, allowing them to soar - to fly without using their own energy. And there is nowhere on earth with more consistently soarable wind conditions than Torrey Pines Gliderport, the perfect setting for our Falconry Experiences in La Jolla. Altough our raptors eat from us, they still enjoy the free lift provided by the ocean breeze hitting the cliffs, just like paragliders do. Come join us, experience the world of those born to fly, and let your spirit soar.


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